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Aura cleansing, chakra realignment, spiritual healing What is the purpose of cleansing your aura? Just as how you can interact with millions of dirt particles in a day without even realizing, you can also interact with negative energies that, collectively, build blockages in your aura and chakras. When a person doesn’t cleanse their aura, they can diminish their overall energy, falling more susceptible to depression, anger, disorientation, and a general low vibrational mood. Using this spiritual help you detach from physical matter and allow you to release negative energy. The natural essences in the Aura Cleansing oil were chosen to help lift your aura so that you can have a more positive outlook and feel more tranquil.

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We have many Charka Supplies, incesne and kits to choose from . Come In and Browse We would love to educate you on all our products and what they can do for you. No purchase Neccessary. We love to teach others.

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We have many self help Spiritual Products to choose from.

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We have Many Reiki Charged Candles to Choose from

We have Sage Candles Incense, Essential Oils and More. We have many crystals to choose from helping with Stress and Anxiety and More We also offer custom orders.

We have many products to choose from 

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Psychic readings & Chakra Metaphysical Store Come in and Browse our Store 

No Purchase Neccessary We love to Educate others on our Products and what they can do for you. We have Chakra kits, Sage Candles, Multi Cultural Prayer Beads, Reiki Charged Candles with Over 30 variations. 

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